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Posted on April 25, 2017

Himaero reinterpret the concept of wearable technology

From fifteen years' experience of an established boutique-sized company that has always invested in the research of innovative solutions, from its capability of grasping and anticipating market trends, in a world that is projected towards wearable technology in a conventional and conformist manner, the idea of an innovative jewel was born.
Himaero decided to reinterpret the concept of wearable technology, moulding it around the mastery of Italian artists, artisans and generally speaking, of beauty lovers, as to create a unique piece of handmade jewellery, Made in Italy.
It is not a fitness device; it is an accessory for an audience that is looking for something that carries more significance, which touches upon more intangible elements: emotions. This accessory can be mounted on different supports thanks to its buttonhole: a bracelet, a necklace, a hair-clip, a scarf clip, a pin... This is a 360 degrees jewel that can be worn differently according to the mood, circumstances, lifestyle and personal taste.
This concept inspired the brand: this jewel adapts to fickle moods and reveals the most intimate aspects of the people wearing it. Thanks to its artificial intelligence capabilities, the Himaero app will translate the data, gathered from the user and those collected from its
environment, into attractive, elegant and customizable colours effects.
This will make the jewel, your very own unique jewel, expressing your mood and your rawest emotions. Nothing more than this can express the customizability of an accessory! And if you fear of exposing too much, fret not: colours are customizable hence, no one will be
none the wiser!
That is why the Chimaera has been chosen to represent this concept, this project, and this brand: since its origin, the myth of the Chimera helps people regain possession of their true self. It represents the highest expression of human feelings and emotions; feelings that are usually buried under social rules and conventions. It is not a monster, it's an extraordinary creature, bearer of the deepest truth. Here it reveals its amazing nature. Now, the power of the Chimera is expressed through technology within the jewel, allowing true and raw
emotions to come out of their hiding places. Through the Chimaera, every woman can get in touch with her deepest self, with the part that she usually must hold back or hide; every morning she is free to decide who she wants to be!
Looking forward to meeting this creature at IDTechEx Show! in, Berlin, 10-11 May? Come and visit us at stand F25: come and unleash your inner Chimaera!
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