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Wearable captures and senses sweat biomarkers

Eccrine Systems is a privately held company dedicated to improving human health, safety, and productivity through the innovation and development of advanced sweat sensing technologies. The company has created an advanced electronic wearable technology which captures and senses sweat biomarkers the instant they emerge from sweat glands, capturing them with accuracy and consistency, and sensing them well before they start to degrade on the surface of the skin. This was a game changer, as the quality of sweat sensing measurements became superior to historical clinical lab approaches. Furthermore, although sweat sensing originally was arguably the most inconvenient type of biofluid sampling, the new sweat sensing technology made sweat sampling ergonomically superior to all other biofluids. A true paradigm shift in non-invasive bio-monitoring was born.
Sweat derived from eccrine glands in human skin contains valuable information about physiological performance and dysfunction. Importantly, sweat data can be captured discreetly and non-invasively. Captured data can be transmitted securely in real-time to remote systems where the relationship among measured sweat molecules can be automatically integrated with other bio-parameters and interpreted as to its physiological relevance. Results can then be translated into alerts, actions, and reports.
The surface of human skin is electrically noisy, which can cause confounding interference with direct-on-skin approaches to sensing electrolytes and other sweat molecules. As a result, it is absolutely essential to perform rigorous on-body testing of sweat sensing systems against known analyte concentrations and comparative reference standards. Such testing will prove whether sensor concentration readings are staying accurate over time. Eccrine Systems has developed the necessary on-body testing systems and collection protocols for validating real-time sensor performance against known concentrations of specific molecules of interest.
Eccrine Systems' Sweatronics® platform is a modular, wearables system that is capable of measuring multiple different analytes in sweat and wirelessly transmitting data via a transceiver to remote applications. Eccrine Systems, Inc. has been awarded a $3.96 million dollar contract by the United States Air Force Research Laboratory. The award is focused on the development of a next generation, non-invasive sensing system for the monitoring of specific molecular biomarkers in human sweat. Development efforts will leverage the progress of previous sweat sensing R&D projects performed in collaboration with the University of Cincinnati and the AFRL. Eccrine is partnering with UC for portions of this new project and will utilize the AFRL's advanced testing capabilities at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.
Source and top image: Eccrine Systems
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