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Press Release
Posted on November 28, 2017

American Semiconductor 2017 Best New Flexible Wearable Component

American Semiconductor Inc announced IDTechEx has awarded the company with the 2017 Best New Wearable Component at the IDTechEx USA Show in Santa Clara, CA.
American Semiconductor converted Cypress Semiconductor's PSoC® microcontroller (MCU) wafers into physically flexible Semiconductor-on-Polymer (SoP) with silicon thicknesses less than 5 um. The new FleX-SOC™ is a functioning version of the Cypress part attached to a flexible substrate that can contour to the body for wearable electronics applications. The PSoC device integrates an MCU core, programmable analog circuitry and digital logic, and Cypress' industry-leading CapSense® capacitive touch-sensing technology, making it ideal to address a range of wearable electronics applications.
"Having the flexible design capabilities of PSoC in the ultra-thin FleX-SOC form factor provides developers with the ability to use chips in ways we could only dream about in the past. We are partnering with American Semiconductor to provide this FleX-SOC to the market immediately," said John Weil, Cypress Semiconductor Vice President and GM, MCU Business Unit.
"Our patented ultra-thin flexible SoP wafer conversion process is a new industry capability that is gaining tremendous traction. This ever-increasing recognition and use of our technology by the market is very exciting for us and our shareholders," Doug Hackler, President and CEO of American Semiconductor, noted.
"American Semiconductor's success is a testament to our ability to flex any standard wafer for use in flexible hybrid electronic systems. Our mission is to deliver affordable, technologically advanced flexible IC products and services that give our customers a competitive edge," stated Richard Ellinger, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for American Semiconductor.
About American Semiconductor: American Semiconductor is the industry leader in high performance flexible integrated circuits (FleX™ IC's) that bend like a sheet of paper to enable flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) for wearables, Internet of Things (IoT), smart-labels and smart-structure products. American Semiconductor supplies high-volume ICs converted into FleX, proprietary FleX-ICs and design integration services for systems using ultra-thin electronic chips. American Semiconductor offers a complete suite of product prototyping and demonstrator manufacturing services that enable customers to realize their flexible hybrid product solutions.
PR Contact Information for American Semiconductor is Richard Ellinger at or 208-336-2773.
Source: American Semiconductor
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