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Wearable Technology Insights
Posted on September 26, 2018

PhotoBioModulation to treat pain and improve tissue recovery

CareWear Corp Wearable Therapeutics is a privately held firm based in Nevada, USA. The founders have years of experience in product development and design, outcomes research, and clinical education in medical devices including experience working with athletic organizations
across the country, and trainers and athletes in professional and amateur sports. for more information see the IDTechEx report on Electronic Skin Patches 2018-2028.
CareWear has developed the world's first method of printing light for athletic recovery and pain relief, with over 50 patents on their technologies and processes. CareWear aims to help athletes at all levels perform better and recover faster.
The CareWear light patch features award-winning patented technology using printed LEDs integrated into ultra-slim adhesive hydrogel patches, with over 5000 LEDs per patch. According to CareWear the light patches deliver powerful LED light therapy to treat pain and improve tissue recovery in just 30 minutes. The light patch produces blue and red light to reduce pain and improve tissue recovery by increasing local blood circulation and elevating tissue temperature. The CareWear light patches emit wavelengths of light that warm tissues to relax muscles, stimulate increased nitric oxide production to improve circulation, decrease inflammation to relieve pain, and stimulate energy production to improve cellular function that facilitates healing and repair.
The CareWear wireless firefly controller acts as both power source and dosage control for the CareWear light patches. Rechargeable, reusable, and waterproof, the firefly controller is pre-programmed to deliver the correct dosage of light therapy to every CareWear light patch.
CareWear Replacement Patches are available in several body-contouring shapes and sizes. Each box contains 10 patches which, with proper care, may be re-used up to 10 times each.
CareWear Carrying Case Kits
The CareWear wearable light system is available in two kits for use by trainers, athletes, and teams on the go: a single kit with 1 firefly controller, charger, and carrying case; and a "quad" kit with 4 firefly controllers, 4-port charger, and carrying case.
CareWear's wearable light patches are scientifically proven to be safe and effective in helping professional and amateur athletes recover and return to their sport sooner. Recent university research by CareWear has centered on treatment of pain and acute sports injuries using contusion and eccentrically induced tissue damage models on volunteered human subjects. These experiments, carried out with several major universities in the sports science field, are demonstrating significant effects on tissue recovery and pain reduction as compared to placebo controls according to CareWear.
Source and images: CareWear
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