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Spotlight on NAMICS

NAMICS will be showcasing the latest generation of their stretchable materials for interconnects, heating and bonding on flexible substrates. These materials offer stable performance over repeated elongation with outstanding durable utilizing standard manufacturing process for ease of use. NAMICS diverse product line includes silver-based and carbon-based stretchable materials, insulating material and stretchable conductive adhesive for attaching components to flexible substrates.
All materials are designed to be ready for high volume manufacturing making implementation easy and economical. The result is a proven set of materials providing companies the ability to develop cutting edge solutions with flexibility in design compared to embedding electronics in clothing.
The silver-based conductive material XE181 series allows for flexible printing interconnects of low-voltage circuitry on elastic film and textile with low resistivity, approximately 2 x 10-5 Ω-cm, and high stretch-ability. After applying on a highly stretchable substrate such as TPU (thermoplastic urethane), the XE181 series can be stretched to double its length while maintain high conductivity then recover to almost its initial resistance once returned to original size. The XE181 series is compatible with a wide variety of substrates and can be printed down to 50 um line widths and spacing.
The carbon-based material XE182 series exhibits a resistance value of approximately 1 Ω · cm allowing it to be used for flexible printing interconnects or a PTC (positive temperature coefficient) function in a low power heater offering uniform heating, thin thickness and flexible design. It also provides high stretchability, like the XE181 silver-based material, and high reliability due to excellent moisture resistance for a robust solution.
The stretchable conductive adhesive XE184 series is used to bond components, such as sensors and connectors, to flexible substrates with high flexibility due to low elastic modulus and ability to cure as low as 80⁰C. The XE184 series has been formulated to be easily dispense for ease of manufacturing.
The insulating material XE185 series is designed to protect conductive circuits, especially on wearable applications, while maintaining high stretchability with conductive past. The XE185 dramatically improves the wash resistance of the overall circuitry.
These innovative materials provide designers and engineers the freedom to develop the next generation of smart fabrics, advanced flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) or in-mold electronics with unmatched reliability and cutting-edge technology.
NAMICS is a global technology leader for underfills, encapsulants, adhesives, and insulating and conductive materials used by producers of semiconductor devices, passive components and solar cells with over 70 years of experience and expertise. We build more than products; we build relationships, and NAMICS sets the gold standard for customer service by offering customizing products, world class customer support to provide a solution for your personal application. Let's work together to discover how NAMICS can contribute to your goals.
Meet NAMICS on booth N16 at Wearable USA 2018 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, CA on 14-15 November.
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