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Press Release
Posted on December 04, 2018

Freer Logic demonstrates EEG technology

The CEO of Thrive Wearables, a leading wearable design and development consultancy, has delivered an insightful presentation on the fast-maturing opportunity for complex data processing on wearables at the Wearable USA show by IDTechEx.
Drawing together the main advances being made in the physical device, mobile and cloud platforms in the area of AI, Dr Jacob Skinner concluded that there is now not only an opportunity, but a genuine need to evolve user-centred products through the careful use of such technology.
UK: November 2018
During his presentation at the Wearable USA show, held in Santa Clara on 14-15 November 2018, Dr Skinner advocated the careful use of data to generate user-actionable insights, rather than data for the sake of data. He looked at some compelling wearables already being pioneered with deep learning and intelligent data processing at their heart. One example included:
  • The BioSelf Sensate -Biofeedback System, a beautiful and appealing form factor which uses a first-generation technology platform and negates the need for swiping and digital 'nagging'. The product is being targeted at a massive market.
Dr Skinner concluded that technology and consumer expectation are finally aligning in the maturing wearable technology space and stated that the sector must:
1.understand the essential requirements 'data vs insights'
2.understand the implications of latency, battery life and UX
3.push as much as possible to the wearable (and its peripherals!)
when considering new wearable technology.
He added,"Compelling products are a subtle combination of technology, design and intelligence."
Jacob was speaking alongside keynote speakers from Sony and Nytec. He was invited by IDTechEx following his previous talk in Berlin in June this year, where he spoke about the opportunities with 'body area networks' and their association with wearable technology. He has summarised his thoughts on the rest of the event, most notably stating that the EEG technology presented by Peter Freer of Freer Logic is, "leagues above anything I have ever seen."
The non-contact neuromonitor, which can read brain data at a distance without a headset, can be implanted in an office chair or automobile headrest to become part of our environment, providing everyone access to all the promising applications neuromonitors offer.
You can read the full summary on Thrive's website.
Further Information About Dr Jacob Skinner and Thrive Wearables
Dr Jacob Skinner is a wearable product development expert, who works with people and technology to create user-driven products that offer real value. He is especially passionate about wellbeing, health and social-impact projects, he works across disciplines to solve technical challenges in wearable technology and the wider IoT space.
About the organiser -
About the Wearable USA The annual event aims to showcase emerging technologies and is attended by some of the biggest names in theindustry including Sony, Microsoft, Arm, Intel and Flex, as well as its most innovative startups.
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Source: Thrive Wearables
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