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Navigate by feel - the fastest way from A to B

Design Partners are introducing their latest innovation in smart wearables, VibrisPro, the smart "way finding" glove with integrated haptic navigation. With the rapid growth in cycle delivery services, Design Partners identified an opportunity to make urban navigation safer and more efficient. Current navigation technologies can be distracting for the cyclist, requiring the user to take their eyes off the road to check the map or use earphones to follow verbal instruction, and therefore reduce their auditory sense in busy traffic.
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VibrisPro enables heads-up navigation for the cyclist with integrated haptic guidance. Linking with the users' smart phone maps, VibrisPro provides upcoming directional instruction through a series of haptic pulses located on the back of each hand. To stay safe, high visibility materials and gesture activated LEDs help the cyclist signal to other road users when making a turn. Designed to perform for all day professional couriers.
Materials selected are high performance, a comfortable fit and include a high visibility print on the outer hand and gel cushioning on the inner palm. The fit and technical performance of the shape itself is aimed at high function use.
Through wire framing and digital prototyping, the team designed an effortless digital interaction to ensure an optimized working day for professional couriers. Users simply accept a job on the app and then navigate intuitively and safely to their destinations using the haptic signals.
Temporal haptic patterns were the fastest and most immediate for users to recognize and Design Partners distinguished each signal by testing various sequences, intensities and frequencies on various haptic motors.
The primary navigational signals simulate rumble strips on roads to naturally direct users to upcoming turns, whereas incoming digital messages are shorter, sharper sequences.
The creators envisaged the VibrisPro as an API that can plug into any existing delivery service app. It encourages efficiency through a shared experience of navigation and users can personalise settings such as haptic intensity or haptic start distance. The visual design reflects the high performance identity of the glove using the accent color to guide users through a seamless flow.
Source and top image: Design Partners
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