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ABEĀTIS launches first ever color-changing apparel

Athleisure brand Abeātis has released their first ever color changing hoodie. The Abeātis UV Tech Hoodie is made from mirage fiber, a new type of intelligent textile developed by treating biomass fibers with a discoloration material that reacts to UV light by changing shade. When exposed to sunlight or UV rays, MIRAGE Fabric, known as "photochromic fabric" reveals prints, patterns, and changes color instantly. For more information see the IDTechEx report on E-Textiles 2018-2028.
The Abeātis ethos is to create intuitive athleisure apparel that offers the perfect balance of technology and ergonomic design, helping wearers achieve their best performance in total comfort.
The science behind the MIRAGE fabric:
  • The discoloration agent is made from recycled materials and goes through a 72-hour settling process in which it binds to the fibers and sets the coloration
  • After this 72-hour process is completed, the chromophore has been converted to its desired color and the fibers can then be woven.
  • The chromophore used in MIRAGE Fabric comes from plant protein, a sustainable and environmentally friendly raw organic material.
  • MIRAGE fabric is composed from 100% recycled material (46% recycled polyester, 54% recycled viscose)
The jacket's pattern changes from white to pink when exposed to sunlight and UV rays. Depending on its calibration - it can also adjust light and the sun's intensity and reflection. It's lightweight and breathable for pre-workout warm up, or post-workout cover-up. The perfect piece to take you from barre to bar.
The Abeātis UV Tech Hoodie is available to buy exclusively at External Link
Source: BASE Communications
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