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Get the complete picture on Stretchable and Flexible Electronics

Traditional electronic components rely on rigid circuit boards and housing. Whilst this has still enabled the huge growth of the sector, it remains relatively limited in form factor. New advances around flexible, stretchable and conformal electronics have sought to change this; these new technology ideas can be deployed commercially to enable a new generation of product types.
Flexible electronics consist of many diverse enabling materials, films, manufacturing processes and components, such as displays and sensors.
IDTechEx is hosting two half-day Business Intelligence Forums covering stretchable and flexible electronics, taking place in Boston on June 5 2019. IDTechEx experts will provide you with the full insight into these topics, based on global research conducted over a 20-year period. Impartial appraisal of the technologies and their applications are given, along with the market opportunity, unmet needs, key players and value chain assessment.
These detailed but concise forums are designed to be cost effective and time saving, allowing you to learn the full picture. The forums take place on the same day at the same venue, giving you the option to attend either one or both of the sessions.

The morning half-day forum on stretchable electronics will cover:

Introduction to Stretchable Electronics
• Definitions: what counts as "stretchable"
• Overview of stretchable applications today
• Historic context for stretchable electronics
Stretchable Electronics Today
• Introduction to categories of stretchable electronic products today
• Market overview for stretchable electronics
• Overview of different stretchable electronics sectors
In-Mold Electronics (IME) & Other 3D Electronics
• Sector overview
• In mold electronics technology
• Players and market dynamic for in mold today
• Commercialisation opportunities
• Market data and forecast
Electronic Textiles
• Sector overview
• Examples of stretchable electronics in electronic textiles
• Overview of key materials and components
• Applications and market opportunities
• Examples of players and commercial progress
• Market data and forecast
• Overall outlook for electronic textiles
Emerging Stretchable Electronics Components
• Stretchable interconnects
• Stretchable actuators
• Stretchable displays and lighting
• Stretchable energy storage
• Stretchable energy harvesting

The afternoon half-day forum on flexible electronics will cover:

Flexible, Printed & Organic Electronics: Market Size & Value Chain
• Successful Applications of Flexible, Printed Electronics
• Key flexible electronics components
• Current Market size by component type
• Value Chain
Flexible Displays
OLED Displays: Technologies, players, enabling materials
• Flexible and Foldable OLED Displays - current market status
E-paper and other flexible displays
• Quantum dot displays: Progress, technologies and roadmap
Flexible Sensors
• Types of flexible and printed sensors
• Market size of flexible and printed sensors
• Biosensors, capacitive sensors, photodetectors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors: technology assessment and applications
• Key players
Hybrid Electronics
• Manufacturing flexible electronics
• Connecting flexible electronics with conventional rigid components:
• Technology Assessment
• Opportunities from a technology and manufacturing perspective
• Case Studies
Conductive Inks: Markets, Technologies
• Assessment of types of silver conductive inks, with key players and technology assessments
• Copper and silver coated copper: the latest progress
• Applications of conductive inks in stretchable electronics: e-textiles, In-Mold Electronics, sensor electrodes and beyond
• Conductive ink market size
Flexible Barrier Films
• The need for barrier films and thin film encapsulation
• Barrier film materials and film structures
• Key suppliers and their approaches
• Market trends, drivers and challenges
Transparent Conductive Films
Assessment of the following technologies, to include technology benchmarking, key providers and forecast market share:
ITO films
• Silver nanowires
• Graphene
• Printed metal mesh
• Embossed metal mesh
• Photo-patterned metal mesh
• Nanoparticle networks
Substrates For Flexible Electronics
• Substrate choices for flexible electronics, including PET, PEN, Polyimide, TPU, paper
• Performance/characteristics of each substrate choice
• Manufacturing considerations of each substrate type
• Technical challenges and progress to address these
• Substrate choice by application
Both the business and technologies involved will be addressed - providing deep depth, including significant market data to allow you to understand these complex landscapes. Attendees will leave with a clear, quantified view of the markets, technology assessment and development roadmaps, key players and opportunities.
Forum 1: Biosensors, Genetic Testing & Digital Health
Forum 2: Electronic Skin Patches
Forum 3: Stretchable Electronics
Forum 4: Flexible Electronics Components & Enabling Materials
Forum 5: 5G & Low Power Wireless Networks
Forum 6: RFID: Technologies, Markets, Opportunities - The Complete Picture
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