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Movesense Sensor Platform Enables Fast Development of Wearable Devices

Movesense is a ready-to-use motion sensor and development environment built to fuel the design of wearables. With more than 1000 software development kits shipped to teams developing devices for sports, healthcare, research, and industrial applications globally, Movesense is becoming a highly popular platform for companies working on wearable sensor projects.
Movesense is developed in Finland by Suunto, a world renowned manufacturer of sports watches and dive computers. Suunto started Movesense as an internal project, but soon realized that the technology was in demand from a broader, growing market with a need for programmable smart sensors.
"To build a new wearable device, a company might need to spend more than 10,000 engineering hours and millions of dollars", says Jussi Kaasinen, General Manager, Emerging Businesses at Suunto. "That's more than two years of effort and significant financial investment. Those figures have proven prohibitive for many startups and even for larger companies. In fact, some of our partners adopted the Movesense platform after years of struggling to create their own hardware. With Movesense, they can focus on optimizing their actual consumer concepts, saving a lot of development time, while also lowering costs."
"In addition to sports use, we have seen a high interest in Movesense in the healthcare sector. The need of wearable, digital health solutions is rapidly increasing. Therefore, we are currently applying a medical registration for the Movesense sensor and exhibiting as part of the Healthcare Sensor Innovations Pavilion at the IDTechExShow", says Kaasinen.
Heart2Save is one of the companies that has successfully launched a Movesense powered health solution. The Finnish start-up developed a product that tracks a person's ECG and identifies cardiac arrhythmias easily and reliably. By simplifying this type of product, the use of which traditionally has required professional healthcare personnel, Heart2Save wants to enable people to monitor their heart whenever and wherever they want.
"We are excited about the possibility to cooperate with Movesense. Since the platform had the tools we needed for our own development, we were able to quickly turn our expertise into a commercial product," said Helena Jäntti, founder of Heart2Save. "It is the first medical device that uses the ECG feature of the Movesense sensor. Hence it also breaks new ground for Movesense in an innovative way."
The 1.44-inch, 0.35-ounce sensor includes a built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, ECG and heart rate measurement with chest strap, and temperature sensor. The sensors feature built-in memory for custom applications and for logging data, as well as Bluetooth connectivity to transmit it.
In addition to the actual sensor, Movesense platform includes:
Mobile application for iOS and Android for collecting raw data
  • Sample code and software libraries for the sensor and for mobile
  • PC Simulator that significantly speeds up software development
  • Wrist straps, clothing clips, smart clothing elements and other accessories to attach Movesense sensors to different measurement locations.
  • Accelerated data analysis capabilities through partnerships with IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure
  • Plugin for Unity3D, the leading 3D visualization platform.
  • 3rd party software modules that allow developers to share features with other developers
  • Xamarin plugin for developing native apps for Android and iOS with Visual Studio.
Learn more about Movesense and order a developer kit at External Link.
About Suunto
Suunto is a Finnish manufacturer of world renowned sports watches, dive computers and precision instruments for the toughest conditions. Find out more about the company and its products at External Link.
~Image Source: Movesense by Suunto
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