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Spotlight on Myant

Technology has never been more pervasive in our lives. From smartphones to smart appliances and eventually smart cities, we are surrounded by billions of devices connected to each other, yet largely disconnected from us. Myant is driven by a belief that technology should improve people's lives, that it should be accessible to all and that it can and should be invisible. Marrying these three statements leads us to our vision of creating an unobtrusive technology platform that delivers insights about people's health and wellness and allows them to share it with those they trust.
Capturing this vision requires the development of a bi-directional and continuous connection between our bodies and the world around us - the equivalent of a DSL cable for the human body.
The solution to this lies in textiles and the development of what we call Textile Computing. Textiles have, since the beginning, been inextricably linked to humanity. No other element in our lives provides such universal coverage: nearly 100 percent of the population, nearly 100 percent of the time, and nearly 100 percent of the body's real estate. Today, thanks to advances in technology that allow for the application of technology within the very fibers of textile products, we can connect humans to the world around them in a continuous and ambient manner.
Based in Toronto, Myant Inc. is developing the world's first Textile Computing platform by embedding biometric sensors and actuators at the nano-scale into textiles. This platform creates a continuous and seamless interface for human-computer interaction, and for the development of proactive solutions for health, wellness, athletic performance and more. In so doing, the Myant platform offers an unprecedented medium to operationalize the consumerization of health through the consolidation of existing and future wearable and smart device applications.
Myant's portfolio of proprietary textile-based technologies includes the following:
  • Biomechanical: Activity (Gait analysis, Activity Recognition - Walking, Running, Sitting/Standing), Slip and Fall detection, Upper limb movement measurements, posture and trunk control.
  • Electrophysiological: ECG (Heart rate, HRV, Sinus Rhythm (AFib vs. Normal), EMG (muscle activity, EEG (brain activity), EOG (eye movement detection)
  • Biochemical sensors: Temperature, pH levels, urinanalysis, sweat analysis.
  • Hemodynamics: The measurement of fluid flow, for example, applied as a digital stethoscope, which records and monitors cardiac sounds, such as the flutter of valves through acoustic technology.
  • Multi-factor derivatives: Sleep (Sleep Stages, Hours Slept), Medication detection, Stress Level, and Blood Pressure.
  • Actuation technologies: Heat transmission, heat wicking/cooling, neuro-orthosis / electrical muscle stimulation.
  • Electroluminescent Lighting: Trusted visibility, seamlessly integrated lighting technology, zero heat emittance, washable, visible from every angle.
  • Yarn-based innovations: Conductive yarns, hydrophilic and hydrophobic yarns, antibacterial yarns, piezoelectric yarns and more.
Founded back in 2010, Myant now currently employs 80+ scientists, engineers, fashion designers, industrial designers, knitting technicians, and other employees at its facility in Toronto, Canada. Our facility houses over 80,000 square feet dedicated to the manufacturing of connected textiles, multiple R&D laboratories dedicated to printed electronics, yarns, and knitting, and a multidisciplinary design and engineering workshop where researchers, designers, and engineers from different disciplines collaborate and co-create.
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