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Wearable for sports injury prevention

Fathom is an AI- system built from one of the world's largest biomechanics databases and designed to adapt recovery, prevention, and care exercises to your unique body. Every foam rolling, stretching, and strengthening exercises is precision designed for your body, your history, and your goals using leading clinical wisdom. Fathom was founded by two injured Duke University athletes with backgrounds in bio-engineering and statistics. Fathom has a commitment to accuracy, efficiency and accessibility through the use of AI. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Wearable Technology Forecasts 2019-2029.
Fathom AI has announced plans to release its 3-sensor wearable for endurance athletes of all abilities this month. These wearable sensors are first of their kind, and pair with Fathom's proprietary app, using artificial intelligence and the athlete's biodata to build a customized training prep and recovery routine to prevent sports injury associated with repetitive use.
"At Fathom, we've meticulously synthesized decades of human movement research and clinical best practices and paired it with cutting edge sensors and machine intelligence to really move the needle for users' athletic resilience," says Fathom AI founder Ivonna Dumayan. "Many people don't realize that the most effective injury prevention may start with just 10 or 15 minutes daily of data- driven prep and recovery to keep small things from becoming serious injuries."
Upon purchase, users will receive a pack of three specialized sensors. The sensors are slim and light, about the size and weight of a quarter, and are worn during training near the ankle and lower back like a sticker. Together, the sensors measure accurate, motion-capture-lab quality movement and force data to identify your body's imbalances, compensations, and fatigue throughout your workout.
Fathom's AI identifies the underlying source of issues and coaches to correct it. The more you use Fathom, the better it gets at understanding your body, and the better it becomes at adapting your exercises for optimal prevention and recovery.
Fathom's sensors and app also sync with Apple Health to incorporate data from Apple Watch, Garmin, and other compatible wearables to enhance fatigue analysis and further improve your plan.
With a subscription membership, users receive Fathom's advanced biosensor analytics that identify unique imbalances. Fathom's AI is then able to create hyper-personalized injury prevention and recovery routines, plus movement preparation, cool downs, and functional strength exercises.
Source and top image: Fathom AI
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