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Spotlight on ULVAC

ULVAC Technologies, Inc. is an international corporation that design and manufactures systems for industrial and research applications utilizing vacuum technology. Our products cover a broad spectrum of markets, including: equipment for the semiconductor, MEMS, solar, flat panel display, automotive, medical, electronics, and refrigeration industries. ULVAC Technologies uses a class-10 process development laboratory and customer demonstration facility to meet the unique needs of their different markets. ULVAC Technologies is a subsidiary of ULVAC, Inc., which is made up of over 45 companies engaged in most sectors of the vacuum industry.
The company is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.


NLD-570EXa for Deep Oxide Etching
  • Stable process and excellent repeatability
  • High selectivity
  • Smooth side walls
  • Made in USA
NE-550EXa Magnetically Enhanced ICP Plasma Etcher
  • Optimized process for LED, RF Device, SiC, Noble Metal, III-V Materials, and Ferro-Electric Materials
  • ULVAC patented STAR electrode prevents re-deposition
  • Made in USA
ENVIRO-1Xa for MEMS Release and Difficult Strip Applications
  • Dry plasma, low temperature, polymeric sacrificial layer removal system
  • Removes thick and difficult photoresists
  • Made in USA
CS-200 Load-Lock Sputtering System for R&D and Low Production Volumes
  • Substrate transfer capability up to 300mm (deposition performance up to 200mm)
  • Automatic multi-layered deposition by recipe control
  • Made in USA
401 Griffin Brook Drive, Methuen, MA 01844
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