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HZO Protects Electronics from the Most Demanding Environments

HZO External Link is the global leader in delivering world-class protective nano coatings that safeguard electronics from the most demanding environments - be it water, salt, dust, dirt, coffee, or corrosive materials. We work with some of the largest companies across industries from design through production, no matter the volume, complexity, or protection required to deliver a better, more reliable and more durable water resistant and waterproof product.

HZO Spectrum of Protection™

HZO's Spectrum of Protection™ brings together a robust portfolio of materials capable of protecting sensitive circuitry and devices against a wide variety of environments and hazards. The materials used in our Spectrum of Protection™ are formulated as part of a specific recipe, bringing together the ideal process to meet the most demanding requirements, successfully life proofing your device, assembly, sub-assembly, or circuitry.
Our solutions include:
  • Conformal coatings with Parylene
  • Plasma applied nano coatings
  • Hybrid solutions including Parylene, plasma, ALD, and more
We can meet the protection level, budget, and manufacturing demands of your project on point, on time, every time.


When it comes to protecting your product's printed circuit board and other sensitive components, we've got you covered! No one has advanced the science of coating technology further or faster than HZO. We offer a complete turnkey solution by bringing together dedicated people with deep domain knowledge, proven manufacturing processes, advanced nano coating materials, and the industry's most state-of-the-art equipment, to create tailored solutions to meet customer requirements.
  • Turnkey Solutions: Proven processes are the secret to what we do.
  • Protection Capabilities: HZO's solutions protect what matters most to you.
  • Intellectual Property: Our proven performance is backed by over 350+ IP assets.
  • Responsible Manufacturing: From clean coatings to preventing eWaste, HZO cares.

The Technology

As an original equipment or contract manufacturer (OEM or CM), you know that not all nano and conformal coatings are created equal. HZO is a step ahead of the market with innovations based on proven technology, advanced material science, IP protected processes, and world class people. Simply stated, we know how to get your job done most effectively, efficiently, consistently, and affordably. Within our Spectrum of Protection™ is a prescribed solution that solves your problem and protects your hard work. Whether you're protecting 10 pieces or 10 million, we have the track record and know how to be your preferred partner in protection.
  • Material Science: HZO offers a variety of materials to meet your coating needs.
  • Capital Equipment: Our coating equipment is designed and built in house to ensure precise protection.
  • Coating Process: We've mastered the nano coating technology process.


HZO works closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Original Device Manufacturers (ODM) and Contract Manufacturers (CM) across diverse industries and offerings to deliver on a myriad of protection requirements.
  • Consumer Electronics: HZO offers a variety of materials to meet your coating needs.
  • Automotive: Making automotive and aerospace electronics more durable, reliable, and safer.
  • IoT: Ensuring connected devices remain impervious to harsh conditions.
  • Industrial: Keeping your machines running an your employees productive.
Contact an expert today
When it comes to protecting sensitive circuitry, printed circuit board assemblies, or entire devices, HZO has the Spectrum of Protection™ you need. Visit HZO at The IDTechEx Show! on booth M16 or visit our live presentation on November 20th at 12:50 in Grand Ballroom E. Can't make the show? We'd love to hear from you at to hear how we can protect your next product.
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