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Smart Pyjamas for the Elderly

The "e-skin Sleep & Lounge" from the Japanese smart apparel producer Xenoma is a smart pajama especially designed for elderly people. While it looks no different from a usual pajama on the outside, it can track the daily life of its wearer, analyze sleep conditions, and detect falling. For more information see the IDTechEx report on E-Textiles 2019-2029: Technologies, Markets and Players.
While the wearer will find the integrated health management functions useful, caretakers will appreciate the unobtrusive way of gathering information from a remote position. As Japan and the world are facing an ever-growing lack of caretakers, this solution might be exactly what the market needs.
Xenoma's lineup also includes the 'e-skin EMStyle'. Free of cables or base stations, this whole-body suit is made for the fitness world. A full muscle workout with an EMS suit cuts training down to 20 minutes of light exercise every second or third day. Nonetheless, EMS acceptance has been limited so far. Xenoma presents now a whole-body EMS suit without any cables or base stations. This makes outdoor exercise as much of a training option as yoga or regular muscle training.
Flexibility is not the only mark of the 'e-skin EMStyle'. Following the slogan "Wear stylish, be stylish", it is also comfortable and fashionable enough to make training fun - indoors and outdoors. No matter if it has been is a lack of time or a lack of constitution, the 'e-skin EMStyle' offers a real alternative to anyone not up for a regular work-out routine.
Xenoma also produces the e-skin Coo for infants, e-skin IMU shirt for Camera-free 3D motion capture for the upper body, the e-skin Arm Sleeve for analyzing and improving key arm movements and e-skin ECG shirt that tracks your cardiovascular health under everyday life conditions.
Source and images: Xenoma
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