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COROS Partners With Shane Benzie & Running Reborn

COROS Wearables Inc., makers of innovative performance GPS watches have today announced a partnership with performance coach Shane Benzie, and Running Reborn.
The partnership aims to develop further research into the scientific field of Vertical Oscillation, as well as to educate on the benefits of training with COROS Running Dynamics by pairing this data with professional movement techniques to ensure that training and recovery are optimised.
Shane's scientific research, as well as product feedback, will help contribute to continual algorithmic improvements as well as to new features in upcoming COROS products. The partnership will also include welcoming Shane as an approved coach for COROS Wearables, content provision, as well as the sharing of training and performance insights to improve COROS products and services. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Wearable Sensors 2021-2031.
Global Partnerships Manager for COROS Wearables, Ben Clark said, "I am pleased to be starting this journey with Shane and the Running Reborn team. Their expertise in this field will help to further convey the benefits that training with Running Dynamics provides, as well as create new research. Whilst almost anybody can track their run with pace/distance/time, it is the addition of Running Dynamic metrics (stride ratio/length/height, form power, cadence, ground time, left/right balance, running power) that can mean faster laps and less energy exhausted. This data can enable athletes to be their best. Together with the natural synergy that both brands possess, I believe we have a winning formula which will enable current and new COROS users to reach peak performance capabilities."
Shane Benzie added: "I'm very excited to be teaming up with COROS and starting our journey together to change the way that runners think about Running Dynamics and how they utilise this information to be the best they can be. Thanks to COROS we are all privileged to be able to record our running data, our movement is like our fingerprint in that it's unique to us so we must use our running intelligence to maximise our individual goals while taking into account the environments we are running in."
About COROS Wearables
COROS is a performance sports technology company that helps athletes train to be their best. For COROS it's all about outdoors, mountains, and a passionate active lifestyle. We combine high-grade hardware with innovative technology to provide endurance athletes with the gear they rely on in the world's most extreme environments. Advanced technology with an efficient and intuitive user experience is at our core - when you use a COROS product, you know you are getting a tool that has been designed, tested and perfected for the athlete, by the athlete. COROS users have set World Records and been to the highest point on earth, pushing our products to the extremes. At COROS, creation and innovation are never-ending. Our customers, the athletes make COROS - be a part of our community @COROSGlobal + @COROS_UK on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. External Link
About Shane Benzie
Shane Benzie is a running technique coach, movement specialist, researcher, and founder of the coaching movement, Running Reborn. Shane's research has included 10 years living with and observing the natural movement of indigenous tribes around the world, which is detailed in his best selling book, The Lost Art of Running where he shares his experiences and findings. Using cutting-edge technology to support his in-depth research, Shane has developed a movement philosophy that is centred around understanding how we are designed to move and utilising our elastic system, the fascia. After several years testing this movement philosophy with elite athletes and over 3000 runners of all capabilities, Shane wanted to enable more people to have access to his remote coaching methods as he could see the difference it made.
About Running Reborn
Running Reborn is a service platform created to ensure that anyone can have access to professional training techniques regardless of their experience level. As the number of people running in the UK continues to grow, Running Reborn is an accessible resource to encourage everyone to run more efficiently, enjoyably, and avoid injury. From just £30/Year, Running Reborn captures 30+ coaching techniques into short, easily digestible, video learning sessions. These sessions are designed to enable runners to easily understand running skills and give them guidance on how to practice them. Content will be regularly updated with articles, guest research, films featuring notable athletes, everyday-runner stories, and technique videos to ensure our members have every insight and inspiration needed to get the most out of their runs. External Link
Source and top image: COROS
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