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AI Powered Wearable for the Blind

AI Powered Wearable for the Blind
biped is the world's first AI copilot for blind and visually impaired people, bringing autonomous driving features to humans. It predicts your surroundings a few seconds ahead and generates intuitive feedback through spatial sounds.
Walking independently as a blind or visually impaired person involves a lot of challenges. Avoiding obstacles undetected by a white cane, finding crosswalks is hard and even a simple walk in a park can feel stressful. It drastically reduces independence. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Wearable Technology Forecasts 2021-2031.
biped is a copilot device worn on the on shoulders, paired with any headphones. Thanks to its 3D cameras, biped will identify the surrounding objects and obstacles, predict their trajectories, and filter the most important information. biped uses spatial sounds to let you feel the position of the important elements around you. Spatial sounds are sounds that are really close to real-life sounds, you can feel that they come from a specific position in space. advises the use of bone conduction headphones connected over bluetooth for optimal experience, as these do not block surrounding sounds.
The software behind biped is named copilot. Inspired by autonomous vehicles, it integrates the latest advances of research and industry. It will allow you to safely and intuitively navigate in your daily life. biped predicts a few seconds ahead what is going to be an obstacle and identifies more than 10 classes of objects, filtering only important objects coming in your direction.
A smartphone's GPS can also be connected for exploring new areas.
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