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Fitness wearable with built-in Amex payments technology

American Express and Jawbone have announced a new partnership giving eligible U.S. American Express Card Members the ability to tap to pay with the new Jawbone UP4™ fitness tracker anywhere American Express contactless payments are accepted in the U.S. This partnership and product launch marks the first time consumers can use a wearable fitness tracker with an embedded NFC chip for Amex payments, redefining what is possible with a 24/7 activity tracker. The new Jawbone UP4 tracker is expected to be available for purchase this summer.
"In partnership with Jawbone, a leader in advanced fitness trackers, we have created a seamless payment experience all in the tap of a wrist," said Leslie Berland, executive vice president, Digital Partnerships and Development at American Express. "We believe this unique technology will delight our active, digitally-savvy Card Members in a powerful way and drive a new type of engagement at hundreds of thousands of merchant locations nationwide."
"We're delighted to partner with American Express to launch UP4, our most advanced and stylish tracker that's small enough to wear 24/7," said Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone. "They provided the innovative and forward-thinking approach needed to create this new experience, combined with a sophisticated and robust payment system, and a wide range of supported merchants."
The UP4 tracker features the same slim design and multi-sensor platform as the UP3 tracker, with advanced sleep and activity tracking and heart health monitoring, in addition to enabling contactless payments. UP4 is also backed by Jawbone's industry-leading UP app and Smart Coach system, which helps people move more, sleep better and eat healthier each day.
Card Members with an UP4 tracker will be able to connect an eligible American Express® Card via the latest UP app for iOS or Android:
  • Open the UP app and select Payments in the Settings menu
  • Log in with the same User ID and Password used to manage your account online
  • Select an eligible Card to connect to UP4 for payments
Once a Card Member has connected an eligible Card to the UP4 system, they can tap to pay with their wearable fitness tracker anywhere American Express contactless payments are accepted in the U.S. It's easy:
  • Look for the contactless symbol on the in-store checkout terminal
  • Tap the contactless symbol on the UP4 tracker to the terminal
  • A confirmation on the terminal will signal a successful payment
Card Members who connect a Card to the UP app can manage it at any time in the Payments setting. In addition, Card Members who connect a Card will always be just a tap away from the Amex® Mobile app, for instant access to enhanced account monitoring, servicing on the go, offers and benefits.
Paying with the UP4 system is just like paying with a plastic American Express Card. When a Card Member taps to pay with the UP4 tracker, they get all the security, service and benefits of Card Membership. American Express fraud protections safeguard Card Members, no matter how they choose to pay.
Source: American Express
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