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Jabil acquires Clothing Plus

The Finland-based textile electronics pioneer Clothing Plus has big news on the wearable technology market. As of June 1st 2015 Clothing+ is acquired by Jabil Circuit Inc.
The addition of Jabil's manufacturing capacity and know-how to Clothing+'s unique expertise in integrating electronics in textiles will have a significant impact on the market. This merger will make it possible for brands to get all services for a textile electronics product from one door with unprecedented manufacturing capacity, says Head of Clothing+, Mr. Akseli Reho.
Clothing+ is the leading expert with 17 years of experience in developing and manufacturing comfortable body monitoring sensor solutions. As the world's largest provider of textile integrated electronics Clothing+ serves a clientele consisting of the key global brands in sportswear, sports electronics and medical devices.
The demand for comfortable sensor solutions for data on the human body in both consumer and medical products is forecast to grow rapidly. We now have the tools to grow the business from niche to mass market. Finally everybody can think big, Reho says.
Clothing+ is headquartered in Kankaanpää, Finland with additional sites in Tampere (FIN) and Shanghai (PRC). Clothing+ owns and operates a dedicated textile electronics manufacturing site in Deqing (PRC). In Finland Clothing+ employs 40 experts in product development, production management, testing, sales, marketing and administration. Some 350 workers are employed in manufacturing, product development and sourcing in China. In 1998 Clothing+ developed the world's first heart rate sensor shirt and in 2002 started mass producing the world's first textile heart rate sensor strap.
Jabil is a global provider of design, engineering manufacturing and supply chain solutions, working with some of the world's most recognized product brands. Jabil is also the world's third largest electronic manufacturing service supplier with subsidiaries in 24 countries worldwide.
Source: Clothing Plus
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