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Helmet mounted technology for airmen

Elbit Systems of America, LLC, a leader in improving aircraft situational awareness and combat readiness has been showcasing its advanced avionics systems and innovative software solutions to the United States Air Force.
Each airman taking to the skies relies on his equipment to successfully complete the mission and come home safely. With decades of experience supplying advanced cockpit systems and supporting the USAF, Elbit Systems of America and their suite of avionics are depended on by many warfighters in their critical missions.
"With equipment on the F-35, F-16, F-15, CV-22, T-38, C-130J, and the AC-130 Gunship, we fully understand the needs of the USAF and its pilots. Our products are designed to meet these needs and ultimately, aid in bringing our warfighters home safely," commented Raanan Horowitz, Elbit Systems of America President and CEO. "Many of these aircraft feature our advanced cockpit systems, helmet mounted displays, head up displays, laser targeting, and mapping systems. In addition to finding solutions inside the cockpit, our products are also outside the aircraft as well. Our missile warning systems and Joint Direct Attack Munition Laser Seekers both aid in protecting the warfighter."
Helmet Mounted Displays - seeing is believing
The JHMCSII, the latest in Helmet Mounted Cueing Systems, is the world's first high definition, color, smart visor projection system that operates in both day and night conditions. Currently available for F-16, C-130 and other aircraft, this unique capability allows the pilot to easily transition modes when flying in dusk or dawn. The JHMCS II's innovative head-tracking technology allows the pilot to aim sensors and weapons in whatever direction he is looking while also receiving increased situation awareness information creating intelligent vision in the cockpit. With the JHMCS II, pilots and aircrew will have friendly, threat and unknown targets presented in an all-aspect and intuitive visor-projected display.
This technology, evolved from Elbit's commercial products, can be incorporated into current versions of the JHMCS available on most US fighter aircraft. JHMCS operators now have the option of a plug and play system that replaces the legacy JHMCS helmet with the Digital JHMCS helmet. Pilots will experience improved center of gravity of the helmet mounted display and less neck strain with the safety of visor projected color symbology and video.
Source and top image: Elbit Systems Ltd
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