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IDTechEx Wearable USA Award Winners Announced

Wearable Technology consists of many new technologies and innovations. At the IDTechEx Wearable USA event, America's largest event on wearable technology held this week on November 18-19 in Santa Clara, awards were given to two companies that have made great achievement. The awards were presented to the winning companies by Henri Richard, SVP Worldwide Commercial Sales & Support at Sandisk, who has previously been SVP for Freescale. The entries were judged by the following prominent panel:
  • Mounir Zok, Ph.D. - Senior Sports Technologist, U.S. Olympic Committee
  • Matthew Drinkwater - Head of Fashion Innovation Agency, Fashion Innovation Agency
A summary of the awards and winners are as follows:
Best Wearable Material/Component Development - ASSIST Center
Best Wearable Device Achievement - Sensoria Inc

Best Wearable Material/Component Development: ASSIST Center

ASSIST Center won this award for their new developments of wearable dry electrodes for electrophysiological sensing. They showed excellent new developments using silver nanowires on an elastomeric substrate to make a comfortable, flexible and compliant solution.
The AgNW electrodes showed comparable performance with a resting subject, but also showed less motion artefacts that commercial Ag/AgCl electrodes when the subject was in motion. Additionally, the electrodes showed improves skin-electrode impedance and decreases motion artefacts when compared to other emerging dry electrodes for electrophysiological sensing. This enables collection of high-quality ECG data by achieving intimate, conformal contact with the skin.
With various kinds of health monitoring being at the core of many wearable products today, sensor innovations to improve data quality and overall insight are essential to maintain the ongoing growth of the industry. This advancement presents a scalable, comfortable solution helping with the overall progress in physiological monitoring.

Best Wearable Device Achievement: Sensoria Inc

Sensoria Inc won this award for its fitness socks that are soft, comfortable and washable and come with three pressure sensors under the plantar area of each foot. They are an example of a truly wearable device that is part of each consumer's daily workflow. The technology, including its design has been already awarded patents.
The electronic device (Sensoria Anklet) connects magnetically to the socks. It is adjustable to any ankle size thanks to a flexible electronic circuit board, which is Bluetooth Smart ready. The anklet takes advantage of a three-axis accelerometer and a powerful battery. It has been designed to be extremely flexible in order to comfortably fit different ankle's size and hold shape in place. The Sensoria anklet comes with a custom magnetic fastener system that secures the electronic device to the sock.
Each Sensoria product comes with a dedicated smartphone app that offers real-time feedback to the runner while he/she listens to his/her favourite music. The mobile app allows a user to connect multiple smart garments, such as a heart rate monitoring t-shirt or sports bra, to provide an even more meaningful fitness experience to the user and additional calculated data such as a more accurate calorie count. A runner can populate a shoe closet to keep track of miles run with each pair of shoes.
The next IDTechEx Wearable awards will be held at the in Berlin, Germany on 26-27 April 2016. For more details see

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