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Novel see-through display for smart eye wear

Dispelix Oy, a spin-off company from VTT Technical Research Centre, Finland, is commercializing a novel see-through display technology for smart eyewear. The technology is based on lightguide optics, which provide a simple way to transfer an information stream from a miniaturized image source to the user's eye. The display utilizes a patented out-coupling element with superior see-through properties. The element has high see-through transparency (60-80%), it does not produce any optical aberrations, and the view through the element is crystal clear without any haze or rainbow patterns. The display element is only 1 mm thick, making it lightweight and compact for aesthetic eyewear. The laterally wide out-coupling element expands the eye-box in the horizontal direction, providing good user experience for all users with varying interpupillary distances.
The Dispelix display technology is targeted for both consumer and enterprise applications. The enterprise market is expanding rapidly, finding new applications from health, manufacturing, process and logistic industries. Smart eyewear increases productivity, reduces mistakes, and allows hands-free operation in demanding environments.
The success of smart eyewear products in the consumer market is largely defined by factors such as aesthetics, user experience, and price. The Dispelix technology overcomes the difficult trade-off in optical see-through display design and meets all the key design objectives at the same time. Dispelix's displays are mass-customizable and can provide a monochromatic or full color image. They can be manufactured in high yields to produce high definition images meeting customer specifications. Both plastic and glass can be used as the display material. This widens the selection of manufacturing approaches that are available for high volume production. The displays are compatible with all common miniature image sources of smart glasses: LCOS, LCD and LED microdisplays as well as LED and laser projectors. A narrow image in-coupling element of the company's displays enables thin, aesthetic eyewear frame designs. The display element provides a 29° field of view.
Dispelix Oy is currently fund-raising and forming partnerships in order to bring to market a disruptive display device, with enterprise and consumer applications. Dispelix has working prototypes backed by strong IP and many years of research and development at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.
Source and top image: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
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