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Wearables for children become more discreet

Tech startup company Jio Inc is currently fundraising for their wearable called Jiobit, and have announced that they have raised $1.2M, which will fuel engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of Jiobit - targeted for pre-sale later this year.
Investors include industry notables like Lior Ron, previously of Google and now cofounder of Otto, Jim Wicks, who was most recently the SVP of Design at Motorola, Tyler Hall, VP at SmartThings/Samsung as well as several well known advisors.
Jiobit will use technology to solve real life problems, starting with keeping parents and kids connected. First up is solving a common problem that many parents struggle with: How do I give my kids freedom to explore, learn and grow, without worrying constantly. How can I have peace of mind without hovering over them every minute?
Jim has created a first of its kind location-based machine learning and low power sensor platform, enabling discreet technology without sacrificing battery life. That means that this small wearable can blend into children's everyday clothing and accessories while lasting over a week without charging.
Through a wireless subscription service, Jiobit operates on a cloud platform that offers the most comprehensive set of monitoring and notification features available on the market.
"We see tremendous growth in technologies that help modern, tech savvy parents", said Troy Henikoff, Managing Director of Techstars. "Jio is developing a unique solution to a real problem, with technology that has implications across multiple categories." Board member Lior Ron, agrees that this need exists: "We are surrounded by technology, but it's not helping us with what we care about most - our kids. The bar is very high. We need seamless technology and a fully integrated solution to truly resonate. John's vision, leadership and team puts Jio in a position to lead the next wave of wearable technology."
All this said, long lasting battery life and simple integration into our clothing is just the beginning. This is disruptive technology that will affect products for kids, adults, and other tangential spaces alike in the very near future.
Source and top image: Jio Inc
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