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Launched in January 2015, this free web journal from IDTechEx covers the latest wearables research and industry news, keeping you updated on the progress of wearable technology from enabling materials to the gadgets themselves - the full supply chain.
Wearable Technology Insights is hosted and written by IDTechEx, a leading business intelligence firm providing market and technology insights. Articles provide commentary, analysis, and give a balanced view of the subject.

About IDTechEx

IDTechEx offers independent market research, business intelligence and advice on emerging technologies to companies across the value chain, supporting them in making essential strategic business decisions. Our experienced business and technology experts provide international perspective in 3D Printing, 5G, 6G, RFID, IoT, Advanced Materials, Electric Vehicles, Energy Harvesting, Off Grid, Energy Storage, FoodTech, AgTech, GreenTech, Healthcare, Photonics, Printed & Flexible Electronics, Robotics, Autonomy, AI, Sensors, Haptics, Smart Cities, Wearable Technologies and more. We do this by disseminating our research through reports, subscription, and advisory services and bespoke consulting.

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