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IDTechEx present forums on wearable, flexible electronics and 5G

On 4-6 June, IDTechEx will host six half-day business intelligence forums covering the latest in stretchable and flexible electronics, biosensors, electronic skin patches, 5G and RFID.
Each forum is delivered by IDTechEx analysts who have researched their respective fields globally, providing impartial information appraising technologies, players, status, outlook, market pull and market forecasts.
The forums are an ideal way to train staff on these topics and for attendees to learn the latest insights to assist them in making informed business decisions, in a time efficient manner. Attendees have the chance to network with other attending companies, sponsors and question analysts in order to take away a clear idea of the status of each topic area and potential areas of opportunity for each specific attendee.
The following topics are covered in half day sessions over the course of the three days:
  • Biosensors, Genetic Testing & Digital Health
  • Electronic Skin Patches
  • Stretchable Electronics
  • Flexible Electronics Components & Enabling Materials
  • 5G & Low Power Wireless Networks
  • RFID: Technologies, Markets, Opportunities - The Complete Picture
In each forum, IDTechEx analysts take the complex technology and market landscape involved and provide a clear breakdown including technology assessment; market forecasts; case studies and application trends; key players; industry structure; value chain; unmet needs and opportunities.
Attendees can attend one or more sessions, with discounts available for booking more than one session.
Raghu Das
James Hayward
Principal Analyst
Dr Luyun Jiang
Technology Analyst

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Posted on: May 1, 2019

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