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Geely, L'Oréal, Arsenal FC and PolyPhotonix to Open the IDTechEx Show!

The IDTechEx Show! in Berlin, Germany, on April 11-12 is the key meeting place for those involved in technology scouting and product innovation, bringing together emerging technologies with global brands.
Opening the event are four select Cornerstone presentations which will showcase how new technologies are coming to market which solve big problems created by changing demographics and global megatrends, from mobility to healthcare to enabling the ubiquity of electronics.
Opening the Cornerstone session is Tom Allen, Lead Sports Scientist from Arsenal Football Club (FC). Allen reports, "We work in an industry where there are millions of data points; but it is the technology that is easiest to implement and most simple to digest that will allow us to affect what we do." Allen will present on how the Arsenal FC is currently using technology to assist in improving player performance, involving wearable technology and significant data analysis. His presentation will cover their future technology requirements.
This is followed by Mr Andreas Friedrich, Manager Advanced Design Interior, for Geely Design Sweden. Geely is one of the fastest growing automotive companies in the world. Its diverse interests include owning Volvo, Lotus, flying car company Terrafugia and most recently having a near 10% stake in Daimler, among many other interests. Geely has launched a new vehicle brand globally - Lynk & Co - where they have designed the organisation, cars and the brand from scratch. In his fascinating presentation, Andreas Friedrich will discuss the design process in bringing a new car brand to market, including their approach to new technologies to differentiate the vehicles.
Next up is Dr Maité Rielland, Tissue and Cellular Engineering Platform, from L'Oréal Research and Innovation. Her fascinating talk will cover bioprinting for cosmetic applications, where she will cover their progress and outlook for 3D bio printing of skin tissue. Of the IDTechEx event, she reports, "IDTechEx is the perfect event to have a great overview of who are the new actors and new technologies that could be interesting for our projects."
This is followed by Richard Kirk, Chief Executive of PolyPhotonix, presenting on "Saving Sight with Light." Based on OLED technology, the company has developed a non-invasive, monitored treatment for one of the principal causes of blindness in the western world, Diabetic Retinopathy. Here their electronic device will provide the actual treatment, potentially disrupting a multi billion dollar market for current treatments.
Richard Kirk describes one of the challenges of bringing a new technology to market as follows, "Market adoption can be the most difficult and frustrating part of the innovation cycle. Finding the solution to market penetration is under recognised as being as challenging as the original invention in the first place." The IDTechEx Show! aims to bring together designers, end users and the diverse range of technology solutions to speed up market adoption of new technologies.
Over 2,500 people are expected to attend the IDTechEx Show! at the Estrel Convention Center on April 11-12 which features approximately 200 exhibiting organizations showcasing technologies including the latest innovations in sensors, energy storage, energy harvesting, electric vehicles, IoT, printed electronics, 3D printing and materials. See for full details.

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Posted on: March 28, 2018

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