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IDTechEx Announces the Winners of Launchpad

IDTechEx Launchpad will showcase innovations from 10 start-up companies at the IDTechEx Show! held in Santa Clara, USA on November 14-15, 2018 ( All winners will be showing a new working prototype or product, many for the first time.
The IDTechEx Launchpad initiative features early-stage start-ups, universities, newly spun-out companies, and research labs or government labs who will demonstrate a working prototype or product that highlights new advances in any of the related event topics of 3D printing, electric vehicles, energy storage, graphene, internet of things, printed electronics, sensors, or wearable technology. It provides the opportunity for the winning companies to exhibit their state-of-the-art technologies at this international event, alongside an estimated 270 exhibitors reaching out to over 3,500 attendees, including product developers, technology scouts and integrators.
The winners of IDTechEx Launchpad 2018 are:
  • AlphaSzensor
  • Astrolabe Analytics
  • AUSense Technologies
  • Cluster Imaging
  • DexMat
  • Magneto Innovations
  • MicroMaker
  • Nuriscope
  • Pireta Ltd
  • Soteria Battery Innovation Group


Alphaszenszor will show prototypes of is low power, carbon nanotube gas sensors. Key attributes of Alphaszenszors sensor technology are high sensitivity and selectivity, ultra-low power consumption, high packing density, and low cost.
"Alphaszenszor is excited to have won a place at the IDTechEx Show Launchpad. We look forward to connect with new customers. Don't forget to listen to CEO Steve Lerner's presentation on Wednesday at 5:10PM"

Astrolabe Analytics

Astrolabe Analytics is committed to accelerating battery innovation. Designed for battery development teams across the battery value chain, our cloud-based battery data management platform automates drudgery and provides deeper analytics
Our go-to-market prototype software increases the productivity of scientists and engineers on the frontlines of innovation, reduces product development cycles, and provides instantly actionable insights to all data stakeholders.
"We're grateful to have earned a place at the Launchpad. As our product continues to mature, we're excited to show off our progress to the wider industry"

AuSense Technologies

AuSense will be displaying printed sensors embedded in babycare products with a wireless platform that communicates with the consumer via an application software (app).
"IDTechEx is the only tradeshow that brings together multiple tracks at the forefront of hardware technologies, and we are honored and excited to showcase our breakthrough product as a LaunchPad winner"

Cluster Imaging

Cluster Imaging will demo 3D Mini working hardware prototype, enabling all camera sensors to have 1mm depth accuracy at every pixel at x 10 processing speed. It makes all images better with superior depth map processing. Depth maps is a next generation foundation technology enabling to accurately isolate and identify visual space and; with new software applications will open new frontiers in consumer and industrial markets.


DexMat will display their conductive carbon nanotube (CNT) yarns and films on spools and demonstrations of the yarn and film products applied in e-textiles, cables, and badminton strings.
"DexMat is thrilled to have been selected as one of the IDTechEx Launchpad 2018 winners and is looking forward to showcase our products and see all of the exciting developments that other companies will exhibit at the IDTechEx Show!"

Magneto Innovations

Magneto Innovations will be bringing printed magnetic sensors and linear position sensors. Users will be able to interact with the sensors by sliding magnets across the sensors and see the results displayed.


Callaghan Innovation will showcase MicroMaker, a new type of 3D printing for microstructures. MicroMaker will enable fast, easy and affordable fabrication of miniaturised structures for innumerable applications such as printed electronics, wearables, sensors and point of care devices
"The Callaghan Innovation MicroMaker team is delighted to have been awarded a launchpad at IDTechEx. As an new innovation that fits across multiple technologies, this premier event is a valuable opportunity to display our technology and the ideal forum for us to connect with developers and innovators"

Nuriscope Co., Ltd

Nuriscope will be exhibiting their Autostereoscopic 3D LCD Technologies, including the 3D Smart Phone Prototype, 7" 3D USB Monitor and 19" 3D Monitor (vertical type) Prototype.
They will demonstrate how to make the 3D contents and provide a 3D movie demonstration.

Pireta Ltd

Pireta's technology enables truly wearable smart garments. Our unique and patented free-from printed circuit process allows electronic systems to be assembled directly onto textiles. Unlike printed conductive inks, Pireta's technology has no impact on the handle, drape, stretchability or breathability of the fabric. Electronic components can be soldered directly to our conductive tracks, which can transmit signals up to 5GHz. Pireta will be exhibiting printed circuit samples and demonstrators created on a range of fabrics using our innovative process.
"IDTechEx Launchpad is an excellent opportunity for early-stage companies to showcase new innovations and emerging technologies. Pireta is excited to have the opportunity to show the industry how we will enable a new generation of truly wearable garments"

Soteria Battery Innovation Group

Soteria will be sharing a new lithium-ion battery architecture that is completely safe, making it impossible for a lithium ion battery to self-ignite. Different from solid-state batteries, Soteria's architecture is completely compatible with the existing manufacturing techniques and plants. They plan to license the technology broadly with low royalty rates to maximize the safety impact in portable electronics, electric vehicles and industrial applications.
"Being selected to Launchpad is an honor, and helps Soteria further it's mission of bringing our safe lithium ion battery technology to a broad array of cutting edge industries that will be present at IDTechEx"

About the IDTechEx Show!

The IDTechEx Show! is the largest event of its kind, featuring a large exhibition and nine concurrent conferences covering emerging technologies; including 3D printing, electric vehicles, energy storage innovations, graphene & 2D materials, internet of things applications, printed electronics, sensors and wearable.
This unique event brings together these industry supply chains and the OEMs or integrators of these technologies, providing exhibitors and attendees with the opportunity to meet suppliers across the full value chain. Visit to learn more about this exciting event.

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