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IDTechEx Release New In-Depth Market Report on Haptics

IDTechEx have released a brand new report - "Haptics 2023-2033: Technologies, Markets, and Players". This report presents current and emerging technologies (ERM motors, LRAs, piezoelectric ceramics and polymers, surface haptics, SMAs, electroactive polymers, contactless haptics and thermal haptics), markets, forecasts, and players in haptics.
"The haptics market will be worth over 5 billion US dollars by 2027" - IDTechEx
This report covers haptics from several different angles. It thoroughly introduces dominating haptic technologies such as ERMs and LRAs, and various emerging haptic options for the market. The prominent use cases like core device haptics, button haptics, surface haptics and more are also included. In addition, this report gives a granular market analysis with 75 profiled examples and forecasts by sectors, covering haptics in smartphones, wearables, gaming, VR, and automotive.
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Key Aspects

Technology, material trends and analysis including:
  • The adoption of ADAS features in the automotive market
  • Sensor technologies and their thermal management challenges: cameras, radars and LiDARs
  • Automotive ECUs/ computers for ADAS
  • Combined EMI and thermal material solutions
  • Radar radome materials
  • Thermal interface materials in ADAS sensors and computers
  • Die attach in ADAS sensors
  • Company profiles including interviews
10 Year Market Forecasts & Analysis:
  • Car sales by autonomy level (units)
  • ADAS sensor sales (units)
  • Radar radome material (area)
  • Liquid cooled ECUs (units)
  • TIM for cameras by vehicle autonomy level (area)
  • TIM for radars by vehicle autonomy level (area)
  • TIM for LiDARs by vehicle autonomy level (area)
  • TIM for ADAS ECU/computers by vehicle autonomy level (area)
  • TIM for ADAS by sensor type (area)
  • TIM for ADAS by sensor type (tonnes)
  • TIM for ADAS by sensor type ($)
  • Die attach for ADAS sensors (area)
  • Die attach for ADAS sensors (tonnes)

High Level Table of Contents

  • Executive introduction and summary
  • Introduction of haptics technologies
  • Types of haptics
Electromagnetic haptic actuators: ERMs, LRAs, VCMs and emerging options
Electroactive polymers (EAPs)
Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs)
Surface haptics, display haptics & variable friction
Button haptics
Contactless haptics
Kinaesthetic haptics
Other types of haptics
  • Technology licensing in haptics
  • Markets and forecasts: Introduction
Haptics in smartphones
Haptics in gaming (console & handheld)
Haptics in VR
Haptics in wearables
Haptics in other consumer electronics
Haptics in automotive
Other haptics
Market forecast data
  • Haptics value chain and company database
  • Company Profiles

Analyst access from IDTechEx

All report purchases include up to 30 minutes telephone time with an expert analyst who will help you link key findings in the report to the business issues you are addressing. This needs to be used within three months of purchasing the report.

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