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IDTechEx Wearable USA - innovators, adopters and investors

IDTechEx Wearable USA is the largest wearable technology event in the Americas . The two day conference and exhibition brings together leading authorities from key areas throughout the industry, as a large part of IDTechEx's 3000+ attendee, 200+ exhibitor co-located event series. This year's edition is taking place on November 18-19 in the heart of Silicon Valley, at Santa Clara Convention Center. The largest event of its' kind, IDTechEx brings innovators, adopters and investors in technology under one roof to create an environment that past exhibitors have called "catalytic".
The conference program is a key USP for the event. IDTechEx's dedicated team of analysts complete market research and technology scouting across the world, and use this experience to build a bespoke program focusing on the commercialization of new technologies. James Hayward, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, said "Building the conference track for wearable tech has been an exciting challenge. We are bringing together the key end users, most exciting innovators and most capable enablers from several key verticals in order to provide a true representation of both the technical and commercial cutting-edge in wearables today."
The result is a two day dedicated conference track, with globally renowned speakers at the forefront of the industry. The opening session sees giants like Qualcomm, Intel and HP present latest updates, alongside panels bringing together key talent behind some world-leading brands to answer the difficult questions.
Hayward continues, "All included, the entire wearable technology market today is already over $20bn. This complex ecosystem of everything from headphones, watches and glasses to exoskeletons and skin patches has seen a wave of innovation in the last decade. We forecast that the market will be worth over $70bn by 2025, and all of the key parts of this ecosystem will be present at the IDTechEx show."
Fitness and sportswear is an excellent vertical for the earliest adoption of many of the technologies on show. Here, elite level sport often drives adoption before technology filters down to the consumer markets. As such, the conference agenda will reflect this, with the US Olympic committee delivering a keynote covering the latest development and needs at the cutting edge of technology in elite sport. We then move to examples from throughout the value chain. Hexoskin will share their experiences in taking a new wearable technology product for sports to the global market. Valencell will remind us that hardware is just part of the solution, presenting impressive work around sensor algorithms and use case validation for wearables. Multek will show how to innovate in order to overcome challenges throughout product design and manufacturing.
The medical and healthcare sector presents a different set of challenges. Medical device manufacturers (the largest of which are always represented at IDTechEx's events) have followed trends towards more comfortable, flexible convenient and accessible products over several decades. As such, even individual wearable products in this sector have already achieved $1bn in annual sales. Advances in materials, wireless communication, data storage/analysis and more have started to make an impact. Attendees will hear from large players like Bayer Healthcare, discussing their key technology needs. Touch Bionics will show just how far the ultimate wearable, prostheses, have come over the years. Biolinq will show us the future of chemical sensing via skin patches. Cyrcadia Health will show how they have innovated to revolutionize early breast wellness screening. Proteus Digital Health will update the audiences on their unique mixture of cutting edge ingestible hardware, enabling innovative software tools for use in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. CSEM will show their disruptive approach to producing new wearable medical devices around sensor platforms.
Into infotainment, and the most successful and popular topic to date. The smartwatch has hit the consumer markets with an impact that is comparable to that of tablet computing, and is here to stay. All this has built from the technology optimized for mobile phones, enabled by key new features like Bluetooth® 4.0. Here, innovation will be essential to product survival in a highly competitive market. Whether in sensors, haptics, displays, power or materials, all of the latest will be presented at the event, with wearable technology as a key common theme beyond just the wearable technology conference itself.
IDTechEx Wearable USA provides a catalytic platform focusing on innovation and commercialization in wearable technology. To make the most of this fantastic opportunity to meet future customers, collaborators or even colleagues, register before October 30 for an attendee discount - see
Hosted by global emerging technology research and technology scouting firm IDTechEx, the IDTechEx Show! is a unique event that brings together multiple inter-related emerging technologies in one place, with eight parallel conference tracks on the topics of printed and flexible electronics; wearable technology; 3D printing; sensors; graphene; Internet of Things; energy harvesting and storage; and electric vehicles. The conference events also include optional masterclasses and tours to select companies in Silicon Valley on Nov. 17 and 20. For more information, visit External Link.
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