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IDTechEx Wearable Europe 2019 Award Winners

Each year at the IDTechEx Show!, two companies are honoured for their achievements in developing and commercialising different aspects of wearable technology. This year the awards were judged by Dr Kitty Yeung (Microsoft) & Dr Sandro Francesco Tedde (Siemens Healthineers) with support from the independent analyst team with IDTechEx Research.
As the wearable technology industry matures beyond it's the initial hype, we continue to see developments at both the product and component level that improve wearable offerings on the market. Despite the increasing diversity of entrants, as different aspects of the topic develop and diverge, it was encouraging to once again see a high volume and broad diversity of applicants for these awards. The judges once again expressed the challenge in picking just one winner for each category amongst the many impressive achievements from the entrants.
A summary of the award winners is as follows:

Best New Materials of Component Development: ITEN

Battery limitations are major impeding factors to wearable developments. With the form of a SMD component, the micro-battery can be easily applied to circuitry without occupying additional or external real estate. The approach should be adopted in PCB design and manufacturing. That said, the capacity and voltage need to be improved to be compatible with many application requirements.

Best New Wearable Technology Device: Quad Industries

Among the submissions, this health patch using printed electronics demonstrated an application of cutting-edge manufacturing processes in a clear use case. It embeds many health monitoring functionalities into a form that is suitable and ready for the target users - runners in this case. It is a standalone wearable device that does not rely on other devices. It can be built into a platform that provides different solutions to different needs. It can be embedded into clothing and accessories. It is also an outcome of a multi-party collaboration, which helps with building a complete ecosystem.
The next IDTechEx Wearable award ceremony will be held in Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, CA on November 18 & 19. For more details visit

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